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Stainless Steel , a modern material in view of its attractive combination of mechanical and corrosion resistance properties, has found a large array of usages in the Automobile Industry, as to be expected in spite of its cost higher than regular steels. Steel wire’s strength and dependability contribute considerably to the safety and lifetime of automobile components in a variety of ways.

Heated Seats For Cars

Dongkyung Steel Wire manufactures heated seat materials for all Hyundai Motor Company models. We contribute to customer development by creating and exploiting data by item and specification in order to produce and provide varied materials in a timely and efficient manner depending on customer needs and specifications. Things to consider when producing automotive heated seat materials are as follows:

  • Material Selection: Choose high-quality steel that is appropriate for your heating application.

  • Size and Thickness: Based on your heating requirements, choose the best gauge or thickness of wire. The wire must be thick enough to handle the required current for heating while being flexible.

  • Resistance and Conductivity: The heating wire must have a uniform resistance along its length. This is necessary to guarantee even heating across the seat.

  • Flexibility: The heating element is flexible and easily bendable, allowing it to adjust to the contours of your car seat without affecting its structural integrity.

  • Durability: Select a material that can resist the temperature range required to heat the car seat without deterioration, and ensure that the wire can withstand repeated heating and cooling cycles without altering its mechanical capabilities significantly.

  • Safety features: To avoid potential hazards, utilize effective insulation to prevent short circuits, protect user safety, and avoid overheating.

Various uses of steel wire in the automobile industry

Steel wire significantly helps to the safety and longevity of many car components. Steel wire is utilized in a variety of applications, including tires, suspension systems, seat springs, safety systems such as airbags and seat belts, control cables, and exhaust systems. We are striving to broaden our scope beyond heated automobile seats.


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