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High-quality steel wires

the strength that it possesses.

The steel wire is a metallic, cylindrical, and flexible strand that is commonly used to conduct electricity. With it, you can form a steel wire which has even more uses in both private and public sector industries. Some applications you might not even expect. Thanks to this, the uses of steel wire expand greatly.

The applications of steel wire range far and wide. Special steel wire is used in most industries because it is used in forged products that cannot be used as general steel wire. It becomes the better option in terms of Productivity, longevity, and of course, versatility. And as you can expect, it does the jobs of general steel wire but better.

High-quality steel wires

Commercial, Industrial And Various Applications


In the automotive end-use industry, steel wires are used in tire reinforcement, spring steel wires, spoke wires, exhaust lines, among others.

Home Appliances

Steel wires are found in all modern electrical products and are used in a wide range of applications.


Steel wire is essential in the mechanical sector for designing and building components and systems that need strength, durability, and flexibility.


Steel machine wire with a low carbon content is used for drawing metallic wires used for construction.


Extensively in the marine industry, including ship construction, docking, internal ship operations, and even the lowering of lifeboats.

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