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C.H.Q Wire


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C.H.Q Wire

Cold Heading Quality Wire

CHQ Wire refers to the Cold pressure method among metal forming methods (Cold Heading, Cold Forging: a type of processing method at room temperature). Strict levels of quality are required for the internal(skin tissue, internal defects) and external(dimensions and surface conditions) of the material.

Key materials used in various industrial areas, for bolt/nuts, screws, rivets, pins, nipple, shafts, ball bearings;

Type Grade Usuage
Carbon steel for cold rolling SWCH8A ~ 22A Bolts, nuts, screws, etc.
SWCH25K(F) ~ 45K(F)
Carbon steel for machine structure S10C ~ S45C Pin, shaft, axle
Chromium - Molybdenum Steel Other than SCM435 Bolts, pins, shafts, etc.
Molybdenum Steel AISI 4037 Automotive bolts, etc.
Boron Steel AISI 10B21, AISI 51B20, POSA 1021B Automotive bolts, construction bolts, etc.
Bearing Steel SUJ2, AISI 52100 Bearings, etc.
  • Wire diameter possible range: 5mm ~ 40mm
  • Packaging form: 100kg ~ 1,000kg / Single weight can be changed according to customer’s order.

Manufacture Process


Usage Grade  Process
Wood Screw Machine Screw(Siotted) 1008-1010R CH8A, CH10A HD (S)AIP
Wood Screw(+) 1008-1010R CH8A, CH10A SAIP,(S)AIP
Machine Screw(+) 1008-1012AI 1010R CH8A, CH10A CH12A S.AIP,(S)AIP HD
Tapping Screw(+) 1015-1016AI 1018-1022R CH18A, CH22A SAIP
Tubular Rivet 1006AI 1006R CH6A (S)AIP
Tubular Rivet(Drilled) 1006AI 1006R CH6A SAIP
Bolt(Automobile) 1045 4135 CH45K SCM435 HD
Nut 1008-1015R 1108-1110 CH8A, CH10A, CH22A SAIP
1023-1025A1 1023-1025SI CH25K HD
1035-1045 4135-4140 5135-5140 CH25K,CH45K SCM435, SCM440 SCr440 SAIP
Steel Ball 1010-1020A 1010 -1020S1 CH10A, CH18A CH12A SAIP
1010-1015R 5115-5120 4115-4120 52100 CH10A, CH12A SCr415,420 SCM415,420 SW2 HD SAIP (S)AIP
Socket Screw 4037-4042 4035-4140 SCM435,440 SAIP
Ball Joint Stud 5115-5120 4115-4120 SCr415,420 SCM415,420 SAIP
5135-5140 4135-4140 SCr440 SCM435,440 SAIP
Pston Fln 5015-5020 5115-5120 4115-4120 SCr415,420 SCM415,420 SAIP
Special Appication (Difficult Cold Forming) Special Application (Machine and Cold Formirg) Low-Siliocn or Aluminium Killed Steel Rimmed or Free Cuttirg Steel SAIP (S)AIP HD

Facility production capacity

Equipment Quantity Capacity (ton/year)
Bell Furnace 4 6,000 ton/year
Pickling & Coating Line 1 36,000 ton/year
Drawing Machine 8 36,000 ton/year

Ovality of diameter and tolerance Range

Diameter (mm) Tolerance (mm) Ovality (mm)
≤ 5.00 +0 /-0,02 ≤ 0.01
5,01-10,00 +0 /-0,03 ≤ 0.015
10.10-16.00 +0 /-0,04 ≤ 0.02
≥ 16.01 +0 /-0,05 ≤ 0.025

Package diameter and weight

Diameter (mm) Internal(mm) External(mm) Weight(kg)
 ≤ 5.00 400 - 600 700 - 850 Max  500
5,01-14.00 700 - 1,100 1,050 - 1,450 Max 1,000
≥ 14.01 1,000 - 1,150 1,300 - 1,500 Max 2,000

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